Friday, May 1, 2015

Travel ♥ New Orleans

Hello girls,

So I know Semana Santa was about a month ago but I have so much to tell you about our trip to New Orleans! My Mother in law went to school there for some time and wanted to go back. So she took the whole family for a visit. New Orleans is a charming city, home to a great diversity of culture and food.  

The First day we headed directly to the French Quarter, loved this area! It’s easily my favorite place in NOLA. It’s the oldest neighborhood in the city and I think that’s why it so picture perfect. Everywhere you turn you can see the colorful balconies, charming buildings, cafés, shops, and restaurants. I was so sad I didn´t bring my DSLR, but it’s too complicated with a 7 month old (Iphone pics will have to do).
We had lunch at one of the little restaurants where I tried a shrimp Po Boy, very yummy! We strolled around the streets where you can find all kinds of entertainment, art and street vendors. Then we headed for a ride on the Natchez, the last authentic steamboat on the Mississippi. We went to the French Quarter twice, so on the second day we visited the flea market, tried muffalettas and beignets!

The food in NOLA is amazing; Po´boys, muffalettas, beignets, jambalaya, gumbo and pralines, so much to taste, so little time. If you have time, you must try the Café duMonde Beignets, the original establishment is right there on the French quarter. The beignets are always made fresh, so fresh they are still warm when they bring them to you. And a word of advice always eat them when they are brought, they taste so much better, no saving for later! The Hubby says that Lucky Dogs are also a must, so if you see one of their stands take his advice. The best muffaletas are at Central Grocery, but they are sold at many restaurants. Dragos is also a great place to go, famous for their charbroiled oysters.

oh and in case you are wondering, we did go to Bourbon Street, during daylight and its still as crazy as they say, no need to say more. lol.

Anyway here are some pics hope you enjoy them:

NOLA Street Style, wearing their Sunday Best.

Shrimp Po´Boy

On the Natchez

At the zoo

Beignets, had them twice! 

More Beignets.

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