Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Favorite Fall Winter Trends 2015 ♥

Fall Winter Trends 2015

Fall Winter Trends 2015 by estiloandcafe featuring a red leather jacket

I know that summer isn´t over yet, but there has been a clear change in weather and that has got me craving for fall fashion. Also…OMG can we please get over the 70’s trend. The only thing I like about that decade is the bell bottoms and maxi dresses. I´m SO over it. Reason why, I’m even more excited about fall winter fashion.

These are my favorite trends:

New and improved kitten heel: So instead of the traditional kitten heel, this one will be more comfortable as it is” stacked” and yes it will make your outfit cool. So let’s give this one a try.

Higher waisted pants: We´ve had the high waisted pants for a couple of seasons now, but this new design goes higher than the belly button, they will make your waist even smaller and your legs longer!

Mini Skirt: Very famous in the 60´s, the mini skirt, is making a comeback, and guess what it flatters most figures, wear it with tights for f/w.

Plaid: Red plaid is hot! Great to pair with black for a pop of color on those gloomy months.

Flounce Skirt: Fun and flirty! It works great for the office and for date night.

Tights: Tights are back people, just in time to pair with your new mini skirt ;)

Bow tie blouse: Also called the pussy bow, is one my ultimate favorites! Margaret Thatcher made it her staple and Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent fancied it too.

The Skinny scarf. I know most of you are obsessed with the bandana trend, but I don´t see working  for f/w. Enter the skinny scarf a more feminine option.

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