Monday, August 24, 2015

Fashion vrs Style ♥

Rachel Parcell at New York Fashion Week 2014
Photo Credit: E online
Back when I started following blogs, I always looked for bloggers whose style I could relate to. One of my favorites was Chiara Ferragni. I really loved how she elevated ordinary pieces of clothes that anyone might have in their closet. She seemed so relevant. And that is the beauty of bloggers, we go to these street style stars to find some inspiration so that we can try out a similar look with the stuff we have at home.                                                                                                                                   

Not much time passed as she scored success, which is great! But as she got more famous and more endorsements, her style changed so much I stopped following her. Put in more simple words, she started wearing stuff we´d see in a magazine spread. Which is fine, i´m sure a lot of people like this new style.

Now let´s take a look at another blogger, Rachel Parcell. A successful blogger. I could show you one of her first posts and a recent one and you´d never know which is which. She has stayed true to who she is and to her personal style regardless of the endorsements. You could easily recreate any of her outfits at home. 

I´ve seen this happen so many times, and not only in the blogging world, in real life too. People think that fashion and style are the same thing. Fashion is what you see in magazines and runways, they are meant to be a fantasy, a dream somewhere you can find inspiration in.

A fashionable person is one who keeps up with all the trends, sometimes all at once. They are not afraid of changing their “style” for the sake of fashion. A stylish person is one who is true to their self, they have a defined and refined sense of style. A stylish person will wear a trendy piece but their style essence will always be dominant.

There are many types of styles; classic, chic, whimsical, bohemian and avant garde. And it all comes to that, finding who you are and staying true to yourself. Avoid the circus of fashion.

Photo Credit: Kristin Sinclair
Getty Images

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