Saturday, August 15, 2015

Four Things ♥

I´m super excited about the weekend. I´m finally having date night after about a month. My Hubby has been so busy with work, he is either away on a trip or too tired to go out. We´re planning on a nice dinner and just having grown up time. 

1. Bazar CIAM is on Sunday and we have planned to attend, it’s nice to have different options to do on the weekends other than "eat out". Plus, I’m sure there will be a ton of interesting finds.
2, Nail polish of the week! Red to match my lips.
3. So when the Hubby is out of town, I make myself a huge bowl of cereal; no cooking for me! And to be honest, sometimes I crave it late at night while I’m on a Netflix binge.
4. Completely in love with this arrangement. The flowers are perfect for the vase. Is it a vase? I don´t know but that´s what I use for: D Next time I want to fill with hydrangeas.

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